Special Events

Fun fellowship:

We like to have fun together ! Listed below are some of the ways our church gets together outside of typical church services or bible studies.

Soup Lunches:

Food & Fellowship

The fourth Sunday of each month, we have a soup lunch following the Sunday morning worship service. The lunches take place at the church building, and are a time that we get together after the worship service to enjoy some good soup, bread and cheese, and conversation.


Fall 2010 Baptism

We held the first baptism service for the church in October 2010. Baptism is an outward testimony by a follower of Jesus Christ of an inward transformation. These services are held as needed.

Church BBQ/Day Out:

Fun on the ropes at Drewstown

Occasionally we have a church day out. Usually scheduled during the Summer, this is a time of fun the whole church enjoys – from kids to adults! Whether it is walking through the nature trails, bouncing on bouncy castles, ascending the climbing wall, or BBQ, everyone has a good time!

St. Patrick’s Day:

2010 Daft Raft crew

For a few years running Living Hope Church entered the Daft Raft Race in Trim. In 2012 we won ‘Best Dressed Raft’ to our surprise and delight! Held annually on St. Patricks Day, in the Boyne River which goes through Trim.

Annually, using our church building on Navan Gate street, we give free refreshments and goodies as people travel home from the Parade.